Aluminium Pipes and Structures

Aluminium is an incredibly versatile metal known for its low density, outstanding corrosion resistance, and energy efficiency. It offers good electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as have the ability to be a superconductor. Aluminium plays a critical role in a number of different industries including aerospace, transportation, construction, medical devices, and general manufacturing.

Khambati Metal Industries LLC is a supplier and stockist of wide range of aluminium pipes and structure products including sheet, coil, pipe, tubing, plate, and bar. We also offer a amazing array of aluminum grades and sizes.

Aluminium Flat Bar

Aluminium Square Bar

Aluminium Round Bars

Aluminium Equal Angles

Aluminium Unequal Angles

Aluminium Equal Channels

Aluminium Unequal Channel

Aluminium Round Tubes

Aluminium Square Tubes

Aluminum Rectangle Tubes

Aluminium Plain Sheets

Aluminium Chequered Sheets

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