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Why WaterProofing is needed?

Waterproofing in any building construction is the formation of a resistant barrier over surfaces of foundations, roofs, walls and other structural members of building to prevent water penetrations. The building surfaces are made water-resistant and sometimes waterproof. Waterproofing in buildings and structures are generally required for basements, walls, bathrooms and kitchen, balconies, decks, terrace or roofs, green roofs, water tanks, swimming pools, etc.

Use of good quality waterproofing products and correct waterproofing procedures in new homes can help it stay leak-free and damp-free for life. One would not have to worry about leakage problems for years to come if correct waterproofing services are employed during new construction.

Mohammed Khambati & Company is a leading supplier of Waterproofing and Coating products, which used to create a seamless membrane on the internal/ external walls, terraces, decks and flat roofs to protect the building structure reliably on a long term basis. As one of the leading distributor of waterproofing products for the construction industry, Khambati Industries has a strong focus on producing a wide range of products and systems to meet today's customers requirements and conform to the latest technologies.

Our WaterProofing and Coatings Solutions

Roof WaterProofing

A terrace is exposed to severe weather conditions throughout the year. If a terrace is not waterproofed properly, it leads to damp patches on the ceiling. In the case of severe cases, water seeps down and results in leakages..

Structure WaterProofing

Cement by nature shrinks over the time resulting in cracks in plasters and concrete. Water-cement ratio is not maintained at sites causing capillaries to form resulting in leakages, dampness, and cracks in due course of time.

External Wall WaterProofing

External walls face the direct brunt of rain and other changes in weather. Therefore, it is not enough to just decorate the building, but also waterproof it.

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